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Epilogue: Cursed Prince (Book 2 of the Asteria Series)
Pairings: Sudo
Summary: When a freak storm blows in out of nowhere and his horse throws him, lowly Prince Joonmyun is left outside a lavish mansion with a bruised pride and a twisted wrist. Surely you're not supposed to listen to disembodied voices in an enchanted mansion...
Word Count: 133

Joonmyun cradles Kyungsoo's deformed hands in his own. He brings them up to his lips, eyes never leaving Kyungsoo's. Kyungsoo watches in delight as the fur fades and his claws retract until they are a normal human length. The skin on his hands and arms knit together and smooths out. "Beautiful." Joonmyun whispers, delighting in the flush that crawls up his lover's cheeks.

The couple kiss as the dense thicket of trees surrounding the mansion fades to nothing, revealing green fields that go on for miles.

Jongdae smiles, satisfied but his brow furrows when he rethinks what had happened in the tower. The plants had reacted oddly; they were never supposed to come alive after Joonmyun had been awakened. Something terrible has been awakened and Jongdae isn't sure he wants to know what.

Drabble: 1

Monday, 31 August 2015 22:43
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Drabble: 1
Word Count: 429
Summary:A Hunger Games/ Mama! AU drabble
A/N: A little drabble I found lying around in one of my notebooks. Took it out tweaked a few things and here we are. I use the term drabble rather loosely and I apologise for the shitty quality of this thing.

Yixing gasped, hands flying up to shield his face when the ground in front of him exploded, sending chips of stone and moss flying. He stumbled back, tripping over a crack in the ground and falling hard onto his side. Read more... )


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