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Part 3: A Chance At A Fairytale (1st book of Asteria series)
Pairings: Kray, side!BaekChen
Summary: Yixing is just a normal person. A little more anti social and reclusive than others but still considered normal. Fresh out of college, he spends his days lazing in his shared apartment, reading fairytales. Until one day, he steps through a mirror and finds a fairyland, complete with handsome princes and snarky gay fairies.
Word Count:2605

Yixing sighs in relief as he walks through the mirror.

"Rough day?" Jongdae asks, his eyes unusually serious.

Yixing shakes his head and follows behind as Jongdae leads him towards the town.

Baekhyun looks up from behind the counter and grins.

"Yixing!" He leaps off the seat and swings himself round the counter to land in front of Yixing.

"I have a surprise for you but it will have to wait till tonight."

Yixing smiles and greets Baekhyun.

"So what's in store for today?"

He turns to Jongdae whose face still hasn't changed expression.

"I'm taking to the parts of the forest Baekhyun didn't bring you to yesterday. The ball starts earlier today. Apparently, the princes want more time with their guests."

Yixing blinks and flushes a little at the thought of Kris.

They head out to the stables and rent horses.

"Why so serious today Jongdae?" Yixing teases, settling deeper into the saddle as they start up the path into the forest.

Jongdae stiffens.

"I'll tell you soon."

Yixing notes the serious tone in Jongdae's voice and frowns.

They ride in silence down the path and Jongdae relaxes a little.

The forest is eerily silent for an afternoon and Yixing worries that something bad is about to happen. The part of the forest that Jongdae has brought him to is dark with barely any sunlight breaching the thick cover of leaves overhead.

Yixing distracts himself from the feeling of impending doom by tapping into his artist side and admiring the unique shapes of the leaves and the lush greenery all around him.

Jongdae shortens his reins and his horse halts in front of a curtain of willow branches.

He turns to look at Yixing.

Yixing blinks at him in bewilderment.


Jongdae dismounts and murmurs something into the horse's ear.

Yixing slides off his horse ungracefully and grips the reins, looking worried.

"What's going on?" He asks, brows furrowing into a frown.

"We go on foot from here."

Jongdae gestures for Yixing to drop the reins and follow him.

Yixing hesitantly obeys and steps through the curtain of branches.

He is taken aback by how dark it is inside the cover of the willows.

"Jongdae?" He calls uncertainly.

There is no answer and he backs up, trying to find his way out.

He reaches behind him, expecting to feel the soft branches behind him but there is nothing.

He spins around and gapes at the darkness.

The branches had been there. He was sure of it.


He calls again, a little frightened now.

A little blue glow lights up before him.

He stares as it hovers in midair, floating every so slightly closer to him.

Tinny chattering laughter seem to fill the darkness around him and he turns.

Three more flickering blue lights surround him, darting here and there.

One of them gets right into his face and lands on his nose.

He sneezes and the blue light flutters off, giggling.

More blue lights gather around him, tugging gently on his shirtsleeves.

A couple more flutter in the air in front of him and forming a glowing path.

He swallows, Adam's apple bobbing and a blue light lands on his shoulder, chattering softly.

He turns and smiles softly at the little light sitting comfortably on his shoulder.

They are wil o'wisps. He realizes after racking his mind for the names of these unearthly creatures.

He allows them to tug him gently into the darkness, fear all but dissipating.

They bring him to a clearing, blue glow lighting up the willow branches.

Slowly, hesitantly, he parts the curtain and enters the clearing.

He gasps and raises his hand to cover his eyes from the unearthly purple light.

The things that hang from the trees are not branches.

They are living organisms that sway and move, emitting an eerie pinkish light.

Big purple star shaped plants grow around the clearing, emitting light of their own.

Beautiful rose quartz coloured flowers hang down from the glowing tentacles.

Yixing notices that the flowers grow in pairs, with two small vines that have tiny little tentacles that resemble the soul bond of the dinosaur birds he remembers seeing in Avatar.

The wil o'wisps lead him past some of these flowers.

He sees that some of the tentacles are linked together while others hang loose.

The wisps stop before a flower that is un-linked and nudge him towards it.

Their chattering voices fill his ear again and he hears whispers.




He turns to look at the wisps uncertainly.






He reaches out a hand, tentatively brushing his fingers across the tiny tentacles.

The tentacles stretch out, like a lover welcoming him.

They wrap tenderly around his wrist, reminding him off the way the prince had held his hand the night before.

He exhales when the tentacles retract reluctantly, brushing his skin and fingers gently.

They make gentle crooning noises and he swears he hears a whisper of his name.

He comes.

Yixing frowns.

Who are they talking about? Where is this place? He wonders, turning around to survey the plants.

Prince's lover.



He catches the excited chatters of the wisps as they swirl around him in excitement.

The wisps' whispers get louder as they tug on him, pulling him out of the clearing.

Their voices rise into a crescendo and Yixing finds himself getting dizzy as the wisps start to spin.

He stumbles and the wisps move with him, seeming to support his weight.

His vision blurs and all he sees is blue and flashes of purple.

A flash of white light blinds him, causing him to cry out and he feels as if he is falling.


Yixing blinks and opens his eyes.

He is on the ground, outside the willow branches that Jongdae had led him into.

Jongdae stands in front of him, looking down on him in concern.

"Where... What was that?" He whispers, finding that his throat has gone dry.

Jongdae holds out a bottle of water and he takes it, gulping down half the bottle before he knows what he's doing.

"C'mon. I'll explain on the way back. You need to get ready. It's almost seven."

Yixing wobbles over to his horse, mind still spinning from the memory of the wisps and the unearthly lights.

"You've got questions. Ask and I will try to answer."

Jongdae says as they ride back towards town.

"Where were you? What was that place? Why... Why did I hear the prince's name?"

Jongdae laughs, albeit a little grimly.

"I was always there. Remember the wisp on your shoulder?"

Yixing blinks.

"That was you?!"

"That place is where people go to find their soulmates. Or to be exact, bind their souls. It was a test, Yixing. Because you are different. You're not one of us. You have to make a choice. Tonight. You have to choose."

Yixing startles, jostling the horse beneath him.

"What do you mean choose?"

Jongdae sighs.

"You have to choose if you want to stay. Tonight is your last night. If you choose to stay at the ball beyond midnight tonight, you can stay here forever."

Yixing freezes.

He can choose to stay. He can choose to stay and claim the prince's heart. He could avoid the pain of the real world. He could live here, and have his own fairytale.

Jongdae looks at him.

"You have until midnight, Yixing."

At the inn, Jongdae pulls out a blue invitation card, edged with silver.

The Royal Family cordially invites you to The Midnight Ball
Theme: Unearthly
At the Royal Palace
When the clock strikes seven

Yixing laughs when he sees the theme.

He has seen so many things today that if he had to design his own costume, it would be too easy.

Jongdae's lips twitch as well as he raises his hands to conjure the coach.

The coach is a glittering silver with blue sapphires inlaid with the filigree.

Yixing privately thinks that this carriage, out of the rest is the most beautiful.

Baekhyun comes out of the inn to watch when Jongdae turns his attention to Yixing.

The moonlight glows brighter and brighter, twisting and forming itself onto Yixing.

When the glare of the moonlight fades, Yixing heads Baekhyun gasp.

"Oh. Wow."

The moonlight has dyed Yixing's brown hair into a silvery blonde and Jongdae seems to have drawn inspiration from the wil o'wisps because Yixing's eyes have changed to match their colour, a silvery blue.

Instead of a low neckline this time, he is dressed in a tight blue shirt and simple black pants.

Black boots lace up his ankles and delicate silver bracelets encircle his wrists.

"You look absolutely stunning."

Baekhyun breathes in awe.

An elaborate cerulean blue mask hangs from his wrist and Yixing holds it up.

It is the most stunning out of the three.

The edges are trimmed with gold and there is blue and gold filigree on the mask.

There are blue feathers that seem to glow ever so slightly.

Jongdae helps him into the coach, his face devoid of his usual scowl.

"Choose wisely."

He murmurs.

The coachman cracks his whip and the horses plunge forward into a gallop towards the royal palace.

At the ball, Yixing spots the prince immediately despite the people milling around, dressed in spectacularly odd costumes.

He is dressed in blue as well.

In a collared striped shirt and a soft blue mask, he is easily one of the most stunning people Yixing had ever met.

His heart throbs painfully at the thought of leaving the prince behind, leaving the world behind.

Kris strides towards Yixing, a smile already etched on his face.

"You look absolutely beautiful tonight."

Yixing blushes as the orchestra starts up and the prince leads him to the centre of the ballroom to start the first dance.

He keeps his eyes on the prince as he twirls him around the ballroom in an elaborate waltz.

Yixing hears whispers of "Who is he?" "Oh my god, he's so beautiful."

He unconsciously tightens his grip on the prince's shoulder and ducks his head at the whispers.

"You okay?" Kris whispers when the dance requires them to press up close together.

Yixing steps away and twirls gracefully to the music and when he steps back close again, his wrist raising up to wind naturally around Kris's raised one, he nods.

The people around them pick up partners and begin to dance but Kris never lifts his gaze from the man he holds in his arms as they transition to a slow salsa and then to another rumba.

They finish a slow tango before they leave the ballroom, Kris keeping his arm around Yixing's waist the whole time.

The music of the orchestra spills out behind them as they walk out of the palace, into the rose garden Yixing had come to love.

He doesn't allow the prince to sit before wrapping his arm around the back of his neck and bringing their lips together in a passionate kiss.

Kris is taken by surprise but responds eagerly, cradling Yixing's face gently.

They stand there for a long time, kissing and kissing some more until Kris pulls away gently, panting slightly from the fervor of the kiss.

Yixing trembles and buries his face into Kris's chest, silent sobs heaving in his chest.

Kris holds him close and doesn't question him until he has calmed down enough to raise his head.

Yixing stares into Kris's eyes.

How could he leave this behind? How could he walk away from this man whom he loves and holds so dear to his heart?

"What's wrong?" Kris murmurs as he sits onto the bench cradling Yixing to his chest.

Yixing shakes his head and leans into Kris's chest.

He admires the way the moonlight glances off the hexagonal ring that the prince is wearing and sighs, nestling his head closer into Kris's chest.

"Do.. Do you want to see my face?" He whispers, reaching up brush his hand across Kris's jaw.

Kris nods and waits.

Yixing pulls away from the prince and lifts the blue mask from his face.

Kris gasps.

"You're the man I saw in the market! No wonder you looked familiar!"

Yixing drops the mask into Kris's lap and surges up to kiss him again.

They are panting now, struggling to put less distance between them.

"Your name. Your name."

Kris gasps when they pull away to catch breath.


Yixing mumbles before stretching up again, needy and desperate.

Kris kisses him again, deepening the kiss as they cling tightly to each other.

Kris lets his hands roam all over Yixing's body, settling into his hair and the nape of his neck.

Reluctantly, they pull away and Yixing rests his head on Kris's shoulder.

Kris absently minded fiddles with the blue mask in his hand and gently loops it around Yixing's wrist.

Yixing reaches up and pulls off the prince's mask before pressing another kiss onto his lips.

"Stay with me."

Kris murmurs, lacing his fingers with Yixing's.

Yixing closes his eyes and leans against the prince.

"I think I love you."

The clock tolls.

A tear runs down Yixing's face as he rises to his feet.

"No. No! You can't just leave!"

Kris protests, his hand tightening to a vice like grip around Yixing's hand.

Yixing trembles.

"I'm sorry."

He whispers and yanks hard on his hand.

Kris yells in pain when the tug wrenches off his ring and Yixing runs, tears streaming down his face, cradling the ring in his hand.

The ribbon of his mask catches and tears, falling to the ground but he is too blinded by tears to notice.

Kris runs after him, only stopping to pick up the mask from it had dropped.

He runs down the stairs, calling his name but by the time he reaches the foot of the stairs, the silver coach is gone.

Inside the carriage, Yixing weeps as he holds the ring close to him.

Jongdae opens the door of the carriage, face creased in concern.

He helps Yixing out and Baekhyun appears around the door, looking upset.

He thrusts a familiar looking brown bag into Yixing's hands.

"Your surprise is inside."

He mumbles, scuffing the cobblestone with his shoes.

Yixing gives him a watery smile before letting Jongdae lead him away.


Kris stares at the mask in his hand, all that's left of the stranger called Yixing he had spent three nights with.

He curses at himself for not being fast enough, at Yixing for stealing his heart and a tear unconsciously slips down his face.

He feels a slight tingle in his hand and looks down at the mask.

He watches in disinterest as it transfigures itself into a silver locket with a matching chain.

The locket lies open, a picture of Yixing showing clearly.

He gapes at it. The universe is clearly mocking him, mocking his loss.

Swearing, he closes his hand tightly around the locker, feeling the metal edges cut into his skin.

The pain is nothing compared to how he feels inside.

The magic melts off Yixing as he stumbles through the portal, tears glazing his eyes.

He turns back and watches as the portal swirls and turns back into a mirror, sealing the gateway close.

The clock in the house rings.


He thinks, another tear slipping down his face.

There will be an epilogue don't worry.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could share this story around:) This is my proudest work yet:)
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