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Part 8: Cursed Prince (Book 2 of the Asteria Series)
Pairings: Sudo
Summary: When a freak storm blows in out of nowhere and his horse throws him, lowly Prince Joonmyun is left outside a lavish mansion with a bruised pride and a twisted wrist. Surely you're not supposed to listen to disembodied voices in an enchanted mansion...
Word Count: 1053

In his sleep, Joonmyun stirs. His dreams are full of the owl eyed man who is fated to be his soulmate. He watches with a heavy heart as his love pushes through the enchanted forest, dried blood crusted onto the sleeves of his coat. He sees Kyungsoo standing in the spirit glade, the dying flower before him and hears the despair in his voice as he begs for Jongdae's help. He sees Kris's beautiful lover speaking animatedly and Kyungsoo sitting and brooding in front of him. Joonmyun feels no resentment towards him but instead feels guilt settle in his stomach as he watches his love stumble on a rock in his tiredness and nearly step on a toadstool housing a couple of pixies.

Kyungsoo is tired and confused at the odd feeling in his chest as he rewinds the story Ying has told to him:

The prince in the story is turned into a beast because he could not see beyond his selfishness and killed a deer who had just birthed a fawn. He did not see the fawn and saw only the doe. He was cursed to be a beast until a girl who could see past his beast form and learn to love him for who he is was forced to live in his estate in order for him to see the face of love. His turning point came when the girl's father fell ill and he released the girl because it pained him to see her hurt for want of returning home. He let her go knowing that he would die of heartbreak should she not return, thus breaking his curse because he had learnt to see past his own reflection and wants and to care for someone else.

So there is no true love's kiss?

In Sleeping Beauty there is. The princess pricks her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and falls into a hundred year slumber. A prince appears after the hundred year mark and rescues her by kissing her.

How is that true love?

I don't know. I never liked the story. The storyline never made sense. The princess only sets eyes on the prince once in her entire life and she decides that she's in love with him? It's stupid.

But the kiss could work?

It's the only way I know of to wake a sleeping princess or in your case, prince.


Do I love him? Kyungsoo asks himself as he pushes away another stray branch. He barely knows the guy but he remembers the raw pain in Joonmyun's face when he found out that his soul mate had been cursed in the spirit glade. The fact that Joonmyun had cared so much about someone he had never met touched his heart and makes the stone around his heart soften a little more.

He forces his way past a patch of bramble bushes, urgency renewed by a sudden longing to see Joonmyun's face. A furious roar startles him and he stumbles, yelling in pain when a bramble thorn rakes across his face. He hears footsteps thundering towards him followed by the sound of breaking branches. A young man crashes through the undergrowth, dark hair flying, a spooked look on his face. His clothes were torn and shredded in places and he was barefoot. His pale face was streaked with dirt and tears and he looked absolutely terrified.

He stumbles forward and collapses on to the ground, chest heaving with exertion. Kyungsoo hurries over to the man. "Are you alright?" He drops to his knees beside the trembling body and the man barely lifts his head to look at him. Another roar echoes through the forest and the man scrambles, panic written all over his face. He struggles to his feet but falls back down, knees hitting the mossy ground with a painful thud. Kyungsoo forgets his hands and reaches out to help him but the man rips away from him, terror flashing through his beautiful features.

He picks himself up and runs, feet seeming to barely touch the ground as he sprints out of the clearing, stumbling ever so often. Kyungsoo blinks when a large shadow falls over him, blocking out what little moonlight the dense leaves of the forest had let in.

A Black Forest dragon looms over him, dark eyes smoldering. Kyungsoo studies it with no trace of fear. The dragon is considered a small sized one but still towers impressively over Kyungsoo. The dragon snorts and sniffs the air, smoke coming out of its nostrils. Its eyes widen when it notices Kyungsoo staring at it mildly. As Kyungsoo watches in fascination, the jet black scales recede and the impressive wings fold back, revealing tan skin and dark feathery hair.

The dragon, quite literally a man just out of boyhood, blinks at Kyungsoo with nervous eyes. "Have you seen a boy? He came this way? Caramel brown hair and fair skin?" Kyungsoo shrugs and turns away, ready to go on his way. His skin prickles and he winces as he feels the skin on his upper arms split open. He hasn't got much time left. "Please!" The young man grabs his shoulder just as he is leaving the clearing. "Can't you tell me which way he went? I didn't mean to scare him but he just took off and..." The man is rambling now, fingers closing tightly around Kyungsoo's shoulder.

Kyungsoo takes a good look at the man. He looks desperate, chocolate hair mussed and falling into his eyes, a bead of sweat rolling down his face. "He went that way." Kyungsoo's heart softens and he points in the direction the boy had gone in and the man looks relieved. "Thank you!" He cries out as he breaks into a sprint, scales slowly reappearing as he runs.

In his sleep, Joonmyun smiles. He is glad that Kyungsoo decided to help the man because he has a feeling in his gut that they were fated to write a story.

Kyungsoo risks a glance at the sky and speeds up his walking. He is sure that he would be able to arrive back home in less than an hour if he ran. He isn't sure how much time Joonmyun has so he breaks into a run, boots thudding heavily on the mossy ground.

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