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Part 1: A Chance For A Fairytale (1st book of Asteria series)
Pairings: Kray, side!BaekChen
Summary: Yixing is just a normal person. A little more anti social and reclusive than others but still considered normal. Fresh out of college, he spends his days lazing in his shared apartment, reading fairytales. Until one day, he steps through a mirror and finds a fairyland, complete with handsome princes and snarky gay fairies.
Word Count: 3211

Yixing never truly believed in magic. Not in true love either no. Not after getting his heart broken.
But staring at the mirror in front of him, book lying forgotten on the floor next to his feet, he thinks that he could believe again.
In magic at least.

“Well? We haven’t got all day.” He glances at the fairy, yes bloody fairy complete with wings and glitter standing next to the mirror in his living room.
He swallows, Adam’s apple bobbing before reaching out to touch the mirror.
His hand goes right through it.
His eyes widens as he takes in the sight of the world he has just stepped into.

Green rolling hills stretch out beneath him and he can see a small town bustling with activity lying just at the foot of the hill. A magnificent castle rises high above the squat roofs at the end of the town, red flags waving in the breeze.

His fingers closes around coarse tree bark and he looks up in awe, at the old twisted trunk of an oak tree that formed the arch he stood in.

“Get on with it will you?” The fairy mutters impatiently, shoving Yixing away from the arch way, deeper into the fantasy world.

His sharp gaze softens as he watched Yixing drink in the beauty of it all.

“There is to be a ball at the castle tonight. I would suggest that you attend.”

Yixing finally looks away from the scene before him to gawp at the fairy.

“A ball?”

The fairy rolls his eyes.

“Yes, a ball. A fancy masquerade ball that lasts three nights. I’m sure you know what it’s like given the amount of fairytales you read.”

Yixing looks startled then looks down at himself, dressed in a white wife beater and black skinnies.

“I haven’t got anything to wear.” He mumbles, shifting his weight from foot to foot.

The fairy rolls his eyes again. One day his eyeballs are going to fall out. Yixing muses privately to himself.

“You sound like bloody Cinderella.”

Yixing’s head jerks up at the reference and the swear word.
He blinks.

“I thought fairies didn’t swear.”

The fairy laughs, a bright sound that echoes into the distance.
“Well how would you know? You haven’t met one before have you?”

The fairy shakes his head, a grin tugging at the corners of his lips.
“Come on, let’s get you into town.”

The fairy leads Yixing through the town, into a busy marketplace. Yixing thinks he has never seen a more charming place, with so many people yelling, peddling their wares.
The colours and sounds blend and blur his senses, sending him into a daze as the fairy hurries him through the crowd, grumbling about noisy people getting the way. The people passing through the market regard Yixing curiously because of his appearance and attire. A few ladies in colourful medieval gowns flutter their fans as they push through the crowd, winking suggestively at Yixing and the fairy.

Somehow, Yixing finds himself in the doorway of an inn near the town square.
He runs his hand along the wood grain of the doorway which he has to stoop to enter, the artist in him admiring the décor of the place.

Charming. Yixing thinks. It’s exactly how I imagine an inn would look like.

He hears the whinnies of horses and wonders if there is a stable nearby.
The fairy has tucked away his wings and looks very much like the rest of the townsfolk as he flirts with the man standing behind the counter, whom Yixing presumes is the owner of the inn.
The man is tiny, like his establishment. When he smiles at the fairy, the corners of his eyes crinkle with smile lines. His eyes are dark and heavily lined with kohl.

Yixing finds him attractive in a cute way.

“Yixing. That’s right. Put it on my tab, Baekhyun darling. He’s just here for tonight’s ball.”

Bits of the conversation finally filters into his brain and he turns to the fairy, blinking to snap himself out of the daze.The man behind the counter whistles, as his eyes rove over Yixing.

“He’s quite the looker alright.” He says loudly, causing some of the people in the inn to turn their heads toward Yixing.

Yixing blushes, ears turning pink at the crude approval of his looks. He ducks his head bashfully, hand unconsciously reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck. The fairy chuckles.

“As if he could be any less. Now get on with it Baek. Ain’t got enough time to waste chattering.”

Baekhyun rolls his eyes and winks at Yixing, causing his ears to turn pink again.
“Keep your pants on Jongdae. I’m hurrying.”

With the administrations done, the fairy, now known as Jongdae, Yixing notes, ushers Yixing up the flight of tiny stairs into an equally tiny room. The room was bare, with only a single bed and a dressing table mirror. Yixing thinks of his own room for the first time since he left the house and a prickle of panic runs through him

How long has he been gone? He turns to the window.

The sun is setting, turning the sky a fiery red, dusting the clouds with pink rays.

“My roommate! He’ll be looking for me!” He swings back to look at Jongdae.

Jongdae waves off his concern.
“Time passes differently here. He’ll never know that you’re gone.”

He produces a white invitation card.
“Tonight’s theme is Innocence.”

Yixing takes the card from him, admiring the way the gold lettering catches the light.
Written on the creamy white invitation card in gold cursive.

The Royal Family cordially invites you to The Midnight Ball
Theme: Innocence
At the Royal Palace
When the clock strikes eight

Yixing glances out of the window at the town clock.

The giant face shows the hands at seven.
He turns back to Jongdae, who is leaning against the doorframe, looking completely unconcerned that Yixing is lacking in any ballroom acceptable clothes.

“I haven’t got anything to wear.” He murmurs, shooting a glance at Jongdae.

Jongdae scowls.
“Have you got no faith in your fairy godmother?”

Yixing looks at him, perplexed.
“Don’t you mean godfather?”

Jongdae’s scowl deepens and Yixing closes his mouth.
Jongdae waves his hand dismissively again.
“I’ve got you covered. Transport and all. I’ve got some business to take care of with Baekhyun. I’ll be back in about half an hour. Amuse yourself till then.”

He vanishes from the room in a puff of glitter. Yixing stares at the spot Jongdae once occupied and wonders if he has finally lost his mind with all the fairytales he has been reading lately.

Half an hour arrives much faster than Yixing expected it to. He rises from the bed groggily when Jongdae appears in another puff of glitter, looking significantly ruffled.
He takes one glance at Jongdae’s half open shirt and jerks awake, pretty sure that he didn’t need the image that pops into his mind just then.

Jongdae glares at him and hurriedly fixes his shirt.

“Get up you lazy bum. We need to get going or you’ll be late.”

Yixing keeps his mouth shut until Jongdae has followed him nearly to the door of the inn where Baekhyun is again sitting behind the counter, his hair in disarray and the top two buttons of his shirt undone.

“Jongdae… You’ve done the buttons wrong.” Yixing murmurs just as Jongdae raises a hand to wave at Baekhyun.

Jongdae freezes and looks down at his shirt. He swears at Yixing and sprints out the door. Yixing follows, giggling and smiling at Baekhyun as he passes.

“I’ve a good mind to leave you to go to the ball like that after that stunt you pulled.” Jongdae grumbles when Yixing meets him in the back garden of the inn.

Yixing blinks and smiles innocently, dimple flashing in his cheek.

Jongdae looks at him and turns away, grumbling under his breath.

“Tonight’s theme fits you too well.”

He picks up a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch in front of him, examining it closely.


He sets it on the ground and murmurs a few words.

Yixing watches, entranced, as the pumpkin swells and swells some more. Its tendrils snake out, curling into fine gold wheels. The pumpkin skin splits into the finest gold filigree Yixing has ever seen and the insides hollow out into a plush seat fit for a prince.

Yixing gapes at the golden coach standing in front of him. He figures this must have been how Cinderella felt when she saw her pumpkin coach.

Jongdae scoops up a lizard from the corner of the pumpkin path and murmurs something again.

Yixing watches in slight disgust and fascination as the lizard swells and lengthens, standing on its hind legs and watching its tail disappear. The lizard’s skin transforms into a tight waistcoat and the mane turns into a hat that fits atop the crown of his head.
“Now for the horses and the driver.”

Jongdae finds four white mice and a goose and works his magic.

The white mice turn into four fine grey stallions, tossing their manes and stamping their feet impatiently while the goose turns into a fat man with a white beard holding the reins.

Yixing stares at them in wonder.

Jongdae turns to him and puts a hand under his chin.

“What to do with you?”

Yixing stares back at him, heart full to bursting with happiness.

Jongdae sighs and waves his hand.

Moonlight gathers around Yixing, bending and clinging to his skin.

He watches in delight as the moonlight fades, leaving him in a tight white shirt with sleeves reaching just above his wrist and white beige pants. His old sneakers have been transformed into off white boots that laces up his ankle. His hazel brown hair is swept to one side and a long delicate chain hangs off his neck. He finds a white mask rimmed with gold hanging off his wrist and lifts it, studying the gold detail with interest.

“You’ve really outdone yourself Jongdae.” Baekhyun whistles from the door of the garden, where he had been watching.

“He’s a beauty.”

Yixing flushes, red creeping up his neck.

“You could have cut down on the neckline. We can’t have all the ladies swooning and fainting. Look at those collarbones!”

Jongdae scowls.

“Buzz off Baekhyun.” He smiles sweetly, glaring daggers in his direction.

Baekhyun laughs, raises his hands in mock surrender and walks back into the inn.

Jongdae takes a moment to admire his handiwork.

“Baek was right. You may just kill the ladies with those collarbones, maybe even some of the men too.” Jongdae muses, delighting in the way his words make a red flush rise up Yixing’s creamy white neck again.

“Stop it.” Yixing protests, lifting a hand to cover his face.

Jongdae laughs and reaches out a hand to help Yixing into the coach.
Yixing settles into the coach and turns to Jongdae.

“Thank you.” He smiles sincerely and kisses Jongdae’s cheek.

Jongdae blinks at the unexpected move.
He shakes off the surprise and his face turns serious.

“You must return to the gateway by the twelfth stroke of midnight or the gates will close and time will run its normal course until dawn. Remember. By the twelfth stroke of midnight.”

Yixing smiles.
“I will remember, don’t worry.”

Jongdae’s serious face softens and he waves the coach on towards the main street.
“Have fun.”

The carriage rolls into the courtyard of the palace ground, wheels clattering on the flagstones. Yixing stares out of the carriage’s window, gasping at the splendor of the palace. The palace gleams under the moonlight and the fireworks that had lit up the sky. Yixing eyes the long flight of stairs he has to climb in order to reach the palace dubiously. He isn’t sure that he could make it up those stairs without collapsing.

“Time’s ticking my lord.”

Yixing turns to the lizard footman who had spoken.
He smiles ruefully and slowly ascends the staircase with a sigh.

“Kris Wu. Stop fidgeting or I swear in heaven’s name I will slit your throat open.” Luhan, the Crown Prince hisses at his younger brother.
Kris shifts his weight and pastes a smile on his face as his brother glares at him. Luhan is really insufferable sometimes.

He tugs at his stiff white collar and wets his lips.

The lady standing next to the door curtsies and shoots a flirtatious smile in Kris’s direction. Kris sighs to himself. This is going be a drag.

His brother nudges him as the orchestra starts up and he sighs inwardly.

Gracefully, he offers his arm to the young man standing next to him.

“May I have the honour of the first dance with you?”

The man blinks and takes his arm, offering a gracious smile in return. As he spins the man in a fast tango, Kris learns that this man’s name is Joonmyun and that he is a neighbouring prince.

Joonmyun’s face reflects the night’s theme very well indeed. Kris thinks to himself. He had scoffed at the idea of having a themed masquerade ball at first. Now he feels very glad that his face was hidden behind a large cream coloured mask with gilded edges so that no one knew him.

As the first dance ends, a hush falls over the crowd when the huge double doors open and a young man steps through them.

Kris stares.

The man is stunning, dressed in fitted pants and a tight white shirt that exposes way too much skin. His mask fits tight around his face, obscuring it from view, leaving only dark brown eyes that flit inquisitively about. Kris feels his knees buckle at the sight of the stranger.

Yixing blinks at the sight of the massive ballroom, lavishly decorated with crystal chandeliers and velvet drapes. He then notices everyone staring at him. He flushes and ducks his head shyly.

A young man strides through the crowd and bows before him, offering his a hand.
“May I have this dance?”

YIxing feels his heart miss a beat as he stares into the man’s eyes.

Swallowing, he takes the proffered hand and the orchestra starts up again, a slow waltz this time.

He spins and turns at exactly the right time, his body fluid with the music.

They don’t speak throughout the dance, nor the next.

“I’m Kris.”

When Kris finally gathers up the courage to ask the mystery man’s name, the stranger only smiles and answers.

“Why have a masquerade ball if you reveal yourself so quickly?”

Kris shakes his head, cursing himself silently.

The stranger chuckles and releases his hand just as the music ends.

“I’m a little tired.”

Kris remembers his manners and escorts him to the refreshment table where he hands the man a glass of champagne.

The two of them chat mindlessly as they wander out to the rose garden when the music got a little too much.

Yixing settles down on a bench by the fountain and gazes into the prince’s eyes.

His heart gives a jolt and he reminds himself that he must not fall in love.

Too late. He thinks.

The prince kisses Yixing’s hands tenderly, clasping his hands to his heart.

YIxing bites his lip at the romantic gesture.

“I...I heard that the Crown Prince has a very handsome brother. Have you seen him tonight?”

He stutters, slowly pulling his hands out of the prince’s grasp.

Kris frowns and studies the man in front of him.

“You’re not from around here are you?”

Yixing shakes his head, a small smile curling at the edges of his mouth as he thinks of how bland his normal life will seem to the prince.

Kris exhales and reaches for Yixing’s hands again.

“No. I haven’t seen the prince.”

“But surely you must have met him before, royalty like yourself?”

Yixing presses, determinedly ignoring the butterflies in his stomach fluttering as Kris takes up his hand again.

Kris hides a smile.

“Never met him. But I’ve seen him from afar.”

“Is he as stunning as the people say he is?”

Yixing looks interested, having heard a passing comment comparing himself to the Crown Prince’s younger brother by a townsfolk passing through the inn.

“He is nothing special compared to you.”

Kris murmurs, thumb rubbing circles into the jut of Yixing’s wrist bone.

For the hundredth time today, Yixing flushes, red creeping up his neck.

“Th…thank you.” He whispers, eyes drawn to the prince’s large hands cradling his.

The clock strikes and Yixing turns to see the minute hand of the clock click into the twelfth position.


He gasps and leaps off the bench.

“What’s wrong?”

Kris rises off the bench, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

“I…I have to go.”

Yixing looks flustered as the clock strikes again.


“Thank you for the wonderful night Kris. I must go now!!”

Yixing casts one last glance at the prince and hurries out of the garden as the clock strikes again.


Kris is rendered speechless as he stands there watching the man run out of the garden.

Yixing hurries down the stairs.

Hurry hurry.

He yells at himself mentally when he hears the clock strikes four .

He positively throws himself into the carriage as the footman slams the door shut behind him and the carriage is off, golden wheels rattling on the flagstones as they roll out of the courtyard.

Kris wanders back into the ballroom looking dazed.

“You’ve been gone a while.” Luhan nudges his brother with an elbow.

“Had fun?”

Kris scoffs and reaches for the champagne flute in Luhan’shand.

“He was beautiful.”

He murmurs after draining Luhan’s glass, his mind flashing back to Yixing’s pale face.

Luhan glowers at his brother and sets down the empty chalice.

“Get your own drink.”

“Cutting it a bit fine Yixing!”

Baekhyun hollers as Jongdae hustles Yixing out of the inn, swearing at the coachman.

“You couldn’t have taken him all the way to the gate?”

Yixing feels breathless as Jongdae grumbles and spreads his wings, flying them as fast as he could towards the old oak that he had gone through just that afternoon.

“I had a wonderful time.” Yixing murmurs after he is safely put down on the ground.

“I’ll pick you up at five tomorrow. Be ready.” Jongdae answers shortly, pushing Yixing towards the portal.

“Now go.”

Yixing sighs as the magic dissolves off him and he stands in his regular clothes in the middle of his living room.

“Yixing ge!! I’m home!!!” The door of the apartment opens just as Yixing bends to pick up the book he had been reading that afternoon.

Zitao comes bounding through the door, stooping to hug Yixing as he sets his book on the coffee table.

Yixing smiles as he runs through the events that had happened that day.

“Ge, why do you look so happy?” Zitao asks as they wander into the kitchen to make dinner.

Yixing glances at the clock as they pass.

It read 7.30pm.

He blinks, wondering if Jongdae's magic had managed to slow time's passing.

Yixing climbs into bed that night satisfied and excited for his next venture into the fantasy world.


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