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Part 4: Cursed Prince (Book 2 of the Asteria Series)
Pairings: Sudo
Summary: When a freak storm blows in out of nowhere and his horse throws him, lowly Prince Joonmyun is left outside a lavish mansion with a bruised pride and a twisted wrist. Surely you're not supposed to listen to disembodied voices in an enchanted mansion...
Word Count: 757

Joonmyun is awakened by soft murmurs.

As he slowly comes to, bright light practically blinding him, he sees a young man lean over him, brow creased with concern.

"Not broken. Not over."

He hears snippets of the conversation as the young man strokes his forehead with a damp cloth.

He twitches and hears someone whisper.

"He's awake."

The young man withdraws his hand and watches Joonmyun curiously.

Joonmyun grimaces at the pain in his wrist as he slowly pushes himself to a sitting position.

"Wha..what happened?" He asks, voice husky and hoarse.

The young man staring back at him is familiar, with heart shaped lips and too wide scleras.

"Dyo Kyungsoo?"

He mumbles, struggling to remember the face of the man he had seen on his visit to the spirit glade.

The man reaches out and grasps his wrist gently.

The touch instantly reminds Joonmyun of the way the tentacles in the spirit glade had held him.

So this is my soul mate.

He thinks, quietly observing the man.

The sound of a throat clearing snaps him out of his reverie and he glances up.

There is another man standing behind Kyungsoo, looking cross and irritated with his arms crossed.

Joonmyun blinks when he sees a set of fairy wings flash and a shower of glitter pours off the man.


Kyungsoo does not even turn to look.

"The spawn of the devil, Jongdae. He's the one who cursed me."

The fairy, Jongdae scowls.

"That's not a very nice thing to say if you want my help."

Joonmyun gapes at the fairy.

He has very nice cheekbones.

He decides after gawping.

Kyungsoo grinds his teeth and stands, offering a hand to Joonmyun.

"You must be hungry. Please, will you have breakfast with me?"

Joonmyun takes the proffered hand, gingerly allowing the man to bring him to his feet.

The fairy holds open the door, openly glaring at Kyungsoo.

"Why.. Why would you call him back if he cursed you?"

Joonmyun whispers as Kyungsoo leads him to the dining hall where he had dined the night before.

A feast had been laid out and the smell is incredible.

"We met when the bastard received a call to curse me. What did I ever do to him I wonder."

Kyungsoo grumbles as he holds a chair for Joonmyun.

Jongdae scowls and pulls a chair out for himself.

Kyungsoo arches an eyebrow.

"Were you invited?"

Jongdae sticks out his tongue and helps himself to congee.

Joonmyun glances at the both of them, thoroughly confused.

Jongdae slurps down his porridge.

"This isn't over you know. The curse is more complicated than that. He has only broken a small part. The rest is up to you."

Joonmyun blinks owlishly and raises his hand, feeling like an idiot as he does so.

"Where... Where do I come into play?"

Jongdae ignores him and glares at Kyungsoo who is diligently buttering toast, determinedly avoiding Jongdae's glare.

The tension in the room is so thick, Joonmyun is sure that he could cut it with a knife.

Kyungsoo finally looks up from his toast.

"And how do you expect me to break something I can barely begin to understand, Jongdae? When it was never my fault in the first place?"

Jongdae shoves back his chair.

"If you had never done what you did in the glade, this wouldn't have to have happen you bloody fool!"

Kyungsoo's eyes flash and he stabs a butter knife into the mahogany table before rising to his feet.

Joonmyun cringes back in fear.

"I didn't choose him!! I don't want him!!"

He points at Joonmyun, voice rising in his fury.

Joonmyun's heart clenches.

His soulmate does not want him?

"It doesn't work that way you idiot!! You don't get to choose!! It's just like Kris!! He didn't get to choose either and he barely knows the man!! He's from a completely different dimension!!"

Jongdae cried shrilly, vein standing out against his neck.

"He was in love! I had someone else!! You know that!! I lost him over this!!"

Joonmyun's eyes fill with tears as he rises from his seat.

All his life, he has been the overlooked son, the spare tyre. Never important enough.

Now even his so called soulmate didn't want him. Joonmyun has been hoping since he was a child and learnt about the soulmates that at least, at least his soulmate would love him for who he is.

"I'm sorry I'm not good... good enough for you.." He stutters before he turns and runs from the dining hall.


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