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Insight to A Chance At A Fairytale

As there have been questions and requests from readers, I will be writing an insight to this story. I understand that the backstory is a little cryptic so here you guys go.

Basically, Zitao is a being that can travel between both worlds and in the day, he is in Kris's world as the bodyguard of the princes. Then in the evening, he returns home to Yixing's world, which is, to all of us, the real world. So basically Zitao works in the other world.

Because only creatures of magic can travel freely between both worlds, Zitao possesses magic of his own which I won't go into too much detail about so I won't spoil the upcoming story for you guys.
Creatures of magic often associate with each other so Jongdae and Zitao know each other.

What triggered Jongdae's appearance in Yixing's world was an imbalance in the magic forest. Remember that forest that the wil' o wisps took Yixing to? The one that shows soul bonds. They sort of predict soulmates and soul bonds. So somehow, Yixing triggered an imbalance in the forest because it has never been heard of, a human the soulmate of one of the fair folk, which the people of Kris's world are called.

Because Kris is a prince, he also possesses some sort of magic that has not shown itself in this fic.

Jongdae was tasked as one of the Guardians of the forest to track down the person causing an imbalance because it endangers the forest and the magic of the world.

So obviously, he finds Yixing and sends him to the ball to get him to meet Kris.

Important: The princes knew nothing of this. So Kris had no idea who Yixing was before and no idea that he was his soul mate.

The ball wasn't planned by Jongdae. It was initiated by Luhan who was frustrated with Kris not having a partner.

After Yixing left, Kris sank into a kind of depression for a month. Time passes differently there remember and Kris has magic.

His magic and moods affect the weather and time flow somehow. When he is in a bad mood, his magic goes out of control and time either slows to a crawl or speeds up.

Zitao gets worried for his charge and finds Jongdae to ask for help because he is not powerful enough to create an opening between both worlds for Kris to pass through.

Jongdae helps Kris figure out the hexagonal ring because he knows the ring hold power for Kris to travel between worlds.

So Kris finds Yixing and they part and Yixing returns yay.

So I hope this was helpful and answered some of the questions in your minds. If you have anymore inquiries about this story, feel free to comment them and I will probably make another of this if there are more questions.


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