Drabble: 1

Monday, 31 August 2015 22:43
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Drabble: 1
Word Count: 429
Summary:A Hunger Games/ Mama! AU drabble
A/N: A little drabble I found lying around in one of my notebooks. Took it out tweaked a few things and here we are. I use the term drabble rather loosely and I apologise for the shitty quality of this thing.

Yixing gasped, hands flying up to shield his face when the ground in front of him exploded, sending chips of stone and moss flying. He stumbled back, tripping over a crack in the ground and falling hard onto his side.

Kyungsoo stomped his foot hard again and the ground split open, a green tendril surging out of the ground, growing rapidly.

The plant snaked around Yixing’s ankle, thickening in width as it climbed. It coiled itself around YIxing’s entire leg, sprouting other vines and branches to catch his wrists tightly. YIxing yelled out in protest when he was forcefully dragged to his feet, a cage of thick vines already surrounding him.

“Yifan!!! Help me!!!”

Yixing struggled against his bonds. His hands were bound on either side of his head, rendering him helpless. He kicked and thrashed but the stems only tightened around him.
Kyungsoo surveyed his work with grim satisfaction. He glanced at his partner Joonmyun, who was engaged in hand to hand combat with Yifan before returning his attention to his captive struggling like an insect caught in a spider web. He drew his dagger and approached Yixing.

Yixing yelled in fury when a tendril curled around his inner thigh, too close to his crotch.

“Yifan!! Mmph!” A large leaf slapped over his mouth, muffling his cries

“Mmph!! Mm!” He eyed the dagger in Kyungsoo’s hand apprehensively and struggled again.

Kyungsoo moved closer to his captive, so close that Yixing could feel his breath fanning his cheek.
“You were a worthy competitor, but now, you must go. Say goodbye, Yixing.”

Kyungsoo plunged the dagger into Yixing’s chest, Yixing’s struggles doing nothing to deter him. Yixing screamed and thrashed wildly before the vines dropped him hard onto the ground.
Blood gushed out from the wound, Yixing struggling to stem the bleeding. His dazed eyes stared up at Kyungsoo pleadingly. Kyungsoo turned his head and glanced towards Joonmyun.
The arena fell silent as the cameras zoomed in onto Yifan’s dying partner, gasping for breath.
Yifan slammed the butt of his sword between the eye slits of Joonmyun’s helmet and sent him tumbling backwards. He broke into a sprint, collapsing at Yixing’s side.

“No. No. No.” He cradled Yixing him, pressing a large hand over the small one covering the ugly wound.

“Yifan…” Yixing breathed, lips trembling. “I’m so sorry.”

His eyes fluttered and Yifan tightened his hold, knowing deep inside that there was nothing he could do for him. He pressed his lips against his lover’s, feeling him exhale. He saw Yixing’s eyes flutter once more before they closed forever.

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