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Epilogue: A Chance At A Fairytale (1st book of Asteria series)
Pairings: Kray, side!BaekChen
Summary: Yixing is just a normal person. A little more anti social and reclusive than others but still considered normal. Fresh out of college, he spends his days lazing in his shared apartment, reading fairytales. Until one day, he steps through a mirror and finds a fairyland, complete with handsome princes and snarky gay fairies.
Word Count:1212

"Ge. Will you stop moping and just go out? You look like you did when Zhoumi ge dumped you."

Zitao scolds as he tugs the covers from the cocoon that Yixing had wrapped himself in.

"What happened Ge?"

Yixing gives a muffled protest from where he is huddled under the blankets and buries his face back under the pillow.

"Go away."

Unfortunately for him, Zitao is trained in martial arts and is much too strong for him.

"Get out of bed Ge!"

Zitao drags Yixing out of bed and manhandles him into the bathroom, throwing his clothes in after him.

"Take a shower and go through that brown bag on your dresser before I toss it."

Yixing spins around to face him.

"Whurf bug?"

He asks, question muffled as he tugs off his shirt,

"The brown bag you brought in with you the night you came home drunk and crying."

Yixing's eyes widen and he trips over his feet stumbling out of the bathroom.

Zitao scoops the bag up easily and holds it high out of Yixing's reach.

"Shower first."

Yixing pouts, and turns back into the bathroom.

After his shower, Yixing walks over to his dresser and picks up the brown bag.

Your surprise is inside.

Baekhyun's voice echoes in his head and he stifles a sob.

He reaches inside and pulls out a leather bound book.

Turning it over in his hand, he admires the soft leather cover and binding.

Setting it aside, he reaches into the bag again.

He feels soft petals brush against his fingers and gasps as he brings the flower out.

Baekhyun has given him a stargazer, the flower that represents love in their land.

Yixing holds his breath as he runs his fingers over the petals, memories flickering through his mind.

He sets down the flower and tips the contents of the bag out.

A locket and a bunch of leaves, plants and flowers slide out.

Yixing picks up the locker and it clicks open.

The prince's face greets him.

Tears fill Yixing's eyes as he stares at the picture, remembering the look of despair on Kris's face when he ran off.

Swallowing hard, he slips the locket over his neck and tidies the plants that Baekyun had given him.

Satisfied, he picks up the soft leather bound book and reaches over to his bedside drawer where he had stowed away the prince's ring.

He slips the ring onto his finger and grabs his keys and phone, deciding to take Zitao's advice and get out of the house for a while.

Yixing wanders along the street towards his favorite coffee shop, eyes half closed to block out the sun.

He turns the corner towards the little cafe and...

He ends up on his ass on the sidewalk.

"Oh. I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there."

Yixing freezes.

That voice.

A large hand comes into view.

"Are you okay?"

Yixing lifts his head slowly to look at the man he had crashed into.

The man is tall, muscled with broad shoulders.

A silver locket hangs from his neck and his blonde hair is styled perfectly.


He whispers.

"I think you have the wrong person. My name is Yifan."

The man looks at him strangely before a look of recognition crosses his face.


They stare at each other, Yixing still sitting on the ground in shock.

Yifan snaps out of his daze and helps Yixing to his feet.

He pulls Yixing into his arms and holds him close.

"I found you."

The tears slide down Yixing's face as he buries himself into Yifan, vision blurring as they hold each other close.

"Where... How?"

Yixing manages to gasp out after they release each other.

People are starting to stare so Yifan pulls Yixing inside and they find a quiet booth.

He smiles when he sees the ring on his finger.

"You have my ring."

Yixing blushes and goes to remove it but Yifan stops him.

"Keep it."

He murmurs, large hand covering Yixing's much smaller ones.

He nods to the book in Yixing's hand.

"What's that?"

Yixing slides the book onto the table, still in shock.

Yifan opens the book and gasps.

"These are from..."

He gestures for Yixing to look.

The creamy pages are full of illustrations of plants and flowers with their names and legends written next to them.

The two of them page through the book together, Yixing gasping in awe at some of the illustrations.

Slowly the book turns to myths and legends, stories about Kris's world that Yixing never knew.

Yifan nods at the ring on Yixing's finger.

"I must go soon. My parents await for my return. I came here by Jongdae's help hoping that I could find you."

He smiles sadly.

"And I did."

Yixing tightens his hand.

"Don't go. We've only just met again."

His expression is pleading. He couldn't lose his love again. Not after they've just found each other.

Yifan shakes his head sadly as he stands.

Yixing clings to him, pain a washed over his features.

"Don't go."

Yifan pulls him close and kisses him hard, hand cradling Yixing's head close.

He traces a hexagonal shape along the nape of Yixing's neck and he shivers.

"Use the ring. Come back to me soon." He whispers, reluctantly releasing Yixing's hand.

Yixing turns away, the pain in his heart stabbing and stumbles home, tears streaking down his face.

"Jongdae hyung."
Zitao shifts his weight nervously in front of the fairy.

"Yixing ge isn't doing well."

Jongdae stiffens.

"He doesn't eat or sleep well. Can't you do anything for him?"

Jongdae folds his arms.

"Has he used the ring?"

"No. He doesn't understand."

Jongdae rolls his eyes and smacks Zitao round the head.

"You know how to use it. Bring him to the prince. He has been moping and his parents are worried."

Zitao clutches at his head and whimpers.

Why didn't I think of that?

"Come on Ge. I'm taking you to Asteria."

Zitao drags Yixing out of bed once more and forcefully dresses him.

"Where the hell is that?!" Yixing snaps, his temper short.

"Where your prince lives."

Zitao rolls his eyes and heads towards the living room.

"Now get dressed and bring the ring."

Yixing is left standing in his bedroom with his mouth hanging open because how in the world had Zitao known?

Not even five minutes later Yixing is scrambling into the living room, looking very much like an excitable puppy.

Zitao rolls his eyes and holds out his hand.

"The ring."

Yixing stiffens, cradling the ring close to him.

Zitao glares at him.

"Don't you want to go?"

Yixing reluctantly hands Zitao the ring and watches with interest as Zitao twists and rearranges the hexagonal shape on the ring.

The ring begins to glow with an eerie silver light which the mirror in the living room reflects.

The mirror ripples and suddenly, Yixing is staring at the all too familiar hillside.


Zitao smiles now, as he hands Yixing the ring.

"Your prince is waiting."

The End.


There will be other works like this based on this world. I hope you guys enjoyed this book and please anticipate my next work, Cursed Prince.

Comments and constructive criticism is much appreciated:)
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